I’m a second generation photographer. Growing up, we had a dark room in our basement and I remember pulling up an old wooden chair and watching my dad take film and develop negatives into beautiful images. That feeling of creating beauty and story through photographs is at the heart of who I am.

I photograph amazing couples and brands. I've photographed yoga celebrities, professional athletes, thought leaders and wonderful people who aren't any of those things, too. I’ve been blessed to travel and work with amazing people and companies. I am so grateful.

A career highlight for me was in 2016, when I worked with an NGO in Kenya, Africa documenting their work with IDP Refugee Camps, Primary Schools in secluded rural areas and supporting an HIV/Aids Clinic. This was such an incredible experience.

I have two dogs (children!) – Rosie & Jim (both rescues!) that make me smile every morning. I have a deep love for rap music, living a balanced lifestyle, and family always comes first.

Monique Pantel
Pantel Photo