Outdoor Boudoir Sessions - I'm obsessed! / by Monique Pantel


Lately you've been seeing a lot of outdoor boudoir sessions being shared on my Insta and FB wallYOU GUYS... I'm so in love with this experience and so are the women I photograph. I think the images speak for themselves - they're seductive and gorgeous, tasteful but provocative. Swoon.

The images above don't "just happen" - it's a process.

Let me tell you how it all goes down.

This kind of photo shoot kind of calls for hair and makeup. Not only does this make you feel totally glam, but puts you in the right headspace to open up a little more than you're used to. 

You guys know that I'm a BIG BELIEVER in connection. So I like to hang out while you get all dolled up by my personal beauty team. These women are ARTISTS. The transformations are spectacular.

Back to connection. After getting beautified, we'll drive out together to a pre-scouted location. I love spending time creating a vision with my clients before their shoot. Pinterest is awesome for this. I like getting on the same page as my babes... and I love when they share their boards with me! From there, the concept begins to emerge... Do we like water? Sand? Flat prairies? Greenery? Vintage props? Creams and neutrals or bold pieces? You get the idea.

Once we've arrived at our location, we play. We laugh, maybe we pop a mini bottle of champagne, but most of all we have FUN. And I guide you through every step of the shoot. I show you how to pose with my own body, show you where to look - and remind you to breathe. Everyone always forgets to breathe when they have their photograph taken - hahaha!

After our photo adventure, we head home, likely dirty or wet - or both. This is always an exhilarating drive home. You feel amazing - a new experience is so much fun, and I feel amazing because.. like, girl. THESE PHOTOS. I always can't wait to EDIT!

Anyhoo, I always get emails asking what my boudoir experiences are like. I hope that provided you with a bit of insight into what shooting some sassy photos with me is like!

PS The ladies pictured are NOT professional models.