FARM TO TABLE - NAPA VALLEY / by Monique Pantel

I just have to share a few snaps from my favourite dining experience while in Napa - Farmstead Restaurant was absolutely incredible.

It's a farm-to-table experience. This place tickled all of the senses and goes down as one of the most immersive culinary experiences of my LIFE.

We started our afternoon tour by being handed a glass of chardonnay and a warm smile by our chef Elsie. And because we were in Napa, the wine just happened to be from the vineyard down the road. Pinch me. 

Elsie showed us around the Long Meadow Ranch property where they host incredible weddings, events and boast one of the most impressive kitchens in the Napa region. Again. Pinch me.

I commented on the size of the lemons on the trees. Elsie laughed and pointed to the chickens that fertilize the soil. They were cozied up in a mobile chicken coop to make sure they nourished every inch of the land. "They're responsible for those huge lemons!"

We would see sous chefs tucked away in the garden carefully gathering the freshest of ingredients to prepare the meal we were about to eat. Farmstead is the definition of farm to table! The rosemary smelled absolutely divine.

We sat and enjoyed a 5 course lunch, each accompanied by a local wine - perfectly paired, of course!

If you find yourself in Napa in the near future, DEFINITELY make a reservation at Farmstead! HIGHLY recommended.