JESS + DEREK / by Monique Pantel


Let me paint you a picture.

The Who is playing in the living room on the record player. The floors creak and in every corner of this home there's a story, history, memories. The girls are lounging in creme lace nighties while they bounce about the living room and kitchen, beaming smiles and loud excited chatter. Jess, the star of the day passes out her gifts to her maids that were all thoughtful and sweet: matching gold rings and unique gifts she's found over the past year and various antique shops. 

Her mother's garden- epic is and understatement. Veggies galore. Kale that grows up to your waist and ripe tomatoes everywhere. It's mid-August and peak harvest in Manitoba.

Jess and Derek share their first look on her parent's porch, where Jess was raised. The stairs leading up to the house are weathered from her and her siblings feet coming and going over the years. This house is memories. I couldn't help but think of the first kisses they shared on those steps. It's been ten years that these two have been together and still, she falls into his chest and cries when she sees him for the first time on their wedding day. Love, I tell ya. 

 The ceremony began by Jane, Jess' little sister playing the violin, accompanied by Derek's father on the guitar. A gorgeous arch carefully constructed of driftwood and ivy stands in a vast green space on a private property in St. Norbert. White chairs lined up just so, guests leaned in, this was an intimate ceremony.

At the reception, a desert table was filled with pies and sugary confections hand made by the women in the couple's lives. So sweet.

I could go on and on about the details of this wedding, but to summarize - it was perfect. Little nods to cherished memories and people Jess and Derek hold dear. 

Thanks to Kat Willson for shooting this wedding with me. You're an incredible photographer and I'm so glad I've found a bestie who loves gangster rap and wine as much as I do. Love ya gurl.

Florals by Heather Page at Academy Florists Winnipeg


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