PHOTO WORKSHOP / by Monique Pantel


So yesterday was amazing!

I've been wanting to host photography workshops in my studio space for a long time now - and yesterday my little dream came true! 

We played with our cameras and explored the art of photography in a course I like to call "The Cool Mom Photo Workshop for Moms Who Want to Photograph the Humans She Loves." 

I got so excited about the workshop that I wrote and designed a beautiful guidebook for the attendees! I think helped with some of the more complicated concepts of photography and camera mechanics. It's always been a dream of mine to write a book - maybe it will be photography related!

My favourite part of the workshop (besides BRONUTS donuts) was watching all of the girls shoot and share their images. And the way their faces would light up, when shutter speed and aperture would start to make sense. Shooting in manual is THE BEST! I totally melted when I got home later that day to see a bunch of the mommas share pictures on Instagram they'd taken of their families after the workshop. The COOLEST feeling!

I want to give a special thank you to Minted for giving each of my students a gift card for their beautiful printed products! (I always use Minted for my family's Christmas cards and special announcements!)

Behind the scenes photos by my girl Kassie Donaldson.

And thank you to Vantage Studios for printing the photo guide books!

xo M