Prairie Love Festival


Thanks to Shawn Fillion at Pepper Apple Photography for the snap of me getting my OM on! XO

Thanks to Shawn Fillion at Pepper Apple Photography for the snap of me getting my OM on! XO

Ahhh I have so much love for the prairies. That's kind of where the name "Prairie Love" came from when Rachelle and I were driving in the Colorado mountains hot off the heels of our first Wanderlust Festival. "Wanderlust will never come to Winnipeg." We both agreed. "Why don't we create our own yoga festival celebrating our community? And so, Prairie Love Festival was born.


1. Teaching my Photo Flow Workshop

I really love the intimacy of a workshop. It's a place to reflect, learn and share. We definitely did all of those things in both of the workshops I lead over the weekend! I'll be writing a separate blog post including a bunch of resources that will up your photo game as well as some behind the scenes photos from the workshop!

2. Seeing my boo kill it

Rachelle and I parted ways after 2014's Prairie Love Festival. I'm always so grateful that our partnership ended so well and that we're both so incredibly supportive of each other's aspirations. This year's festival was so amazing and I'm so proud of the ways she continues to support and bring together such an amazing yoga community in the prairies! She absolutely KILLED it this year!

3. Bumping into old friends

Lynette Suchar, Erica Blitz, Insiya Finn, Eoin Finn, Matt Yausie, Clancy Sullivan... The list goes on. I'm so grateful for a really amazing, global (and local!) crew of yogis that have come into my life over the past 4 years.

4. Alex Mazerolle

Holy moly this lady is inspo central. I have so much respect and love for the work she does with teen girls. Alex's program, Girlvana, is kind of like girl's teen camp for the soul - where yoga and meditation principles are used to teach little ladies about self esteem and empowerment. Her stories brought me to tears. Hosted on Galliano Island, Girlvana also brings mentors into the program (something I'm hoping to be a part of in the spring) where sharing stories and experiences is at the foundation of creating trust, compassion and relationships. There's also a lot of friendship bracelet making, flower crown crafting and journalling - so like, naturally, I'm down.

Alex also always has unreal playlists. Since this was the summer of Fetty - here's a remix that got me so jazzed during Ally's Hustle & Flow class!


August has been packed with adventure. I thought I would share some of my favourite moments with you guys:

1. Smoke bombs and yogis. Prairie Love Festival is just two weeks away. This is an epic weekend of adventure, exploration and yoga in the coolest natural environment. I co-created this festival last year with one of my besties Rachelle. She's taken on Prairie Love Festival solo this year (this girl works SO hard), gathering some of the most amazing yoga teachers from all across Canada. The weekend is packed with music, wilderness, connection and yoga. You can scoop up tickets here if you're into new experiences and celebrating the last hoorah of summer in a really cool way!

I got to shoot Prairie Love Festival's promotional campaign in the Manitoba floodway. It was just us, the tall grasses and about a million mosquitos. Thanks to Marisa, Demetra, Rachelle, Nikki, and Noah for lending their bendy bodies and beautiful faces for the shoot!

2. Boudoir sessions at The Fort Garry Hotel. I'm a total sucker for shooting in vintage locations. A few weeks ago I shot a GORGEOUS boudoir session in a suite at this historic hotel. Justine Barry, my go-to hair and makeup gal beautified my client - I can't wait to share this session with you guys!

3. Teaming up with my work wife Kat. This woman is everything. You know how you just meet someone and click so hard, so fast? That's Kat. She's an amazingly talented photographer, has the funniest personality and makes 12 hour weddings feel like a few short hours.

4. Spending time outside of the city. August provided me with so many opportunities to shoot in the country. St.Norbert, Brandon, Clear Lake, Lake of the Woods... I've put a few miles on my car, but so, so worth it. Nothing beats the fresh air, wild flowers, tall grasses and the most incredible harvest moon I've ever seen. Everything is slower in the country. It's just good for the soul.

5. Rediscovering music of old. Joni Mitchell has been on replay during my editing sessions lately. So freaking GOOD. Play the video below for an hour of sweet, sweet jams.

Urge For Going 00:00 // Chelsea Morning 05:00 // Big Yellow Taxi 7:30 // Woodstock 9:50 

The Circle Game 15:20 // Carey 20:10 // California 23:10 // You Turn Me On I'm A Radio 27:10 

Raised On Robbery 29:50 // Help Me 32:50 // Free Man In Paris 36:15 // River 39:16 

Chinese Cafe  43.20 // Come In From The Cold 48:35 // Both Sides Now 56:05